Holistic Care for YOU and your PET’S Optimum Health

Dr. D. Susie Dittmar, N.D., C.N.H.P.

My Story

     I have had a passion, and been a practitioner of holistic wellness, for 30-plus years. My education continues every day; I earned my Doctorate of Naturopathy (N.D.) from Trinity School of Natural Health. A Doctor of Naturopathy is a Doctor of Nutrition. Naturopathy is the oldest-drugless school of healing in existence. A naturopath believes the human body has an innate healing ability, and your symptoms signal a deficiency in the system. By correcting that deficiency, you ultimately heal the dis-ease. As an N.D. I blend centuries-old knowledge with a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer. And it’s been a fantastic adventure of acquiring centuries worth of wisdom. 
      As a teen, I trained with the vitamin distributor Shaklee and later various advanced courses with the international herbal company Nature’s Sunshine Products. I’m also an accredited Certified Natural Health Professional (C.N.H.P.)
     A vast difference exists between traditional western medicine and naturopathic practices. Conventional western medicine often says one pill will fix the problem. Most medications tend to mask the symptom and not cure the actual illness. A herbal prescription is not a magic pill, and it may take months before you experience improved health. Herbs go to the root of the problem. Just as it probably took months or even years to develop a chronic illness, it often takes several weeks for wellness to start taking over. 
     I have experienced incredible results in myself and have become a walking testimonial. As I trained in natural health with people, I started using them on my pets. Again, I was stunned by the marvelous results. 
      Two stray and sickly kittens arrived at my door. I estimate they were about four-and-half-weeks-old. I can say with confidence if they did not arrive when they did they would have never lived to five weeks. It took a good four months and a variety of herbs for them to become robust felines. 
      I’m certified in the first level of Reiki Healing**. I have found through my experience with animals that they respond amazingly well to this type of hands-on treatment. It is the perfect compliment to a herbal regimen, especially for a distressed animal.     
      Today, I’m fit and healthy alongside my hearty and active animals.            
~Dr. D. Susie Dittmar

I charge $75. for an appointment, it will be one of the wisest and smartest investments you’ll ever make for yourself and your pet. It is an investment in your health and wellbeing, and if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.

I base my recommendations on what your body is telling you through pain, illness, cravings, disease, stress levels, and your lifestyle. These symptoms are how your body speaks to you. I take this information as your Naturopathic Doctor and determine your body’s deficiencies and a course of action. This kind of relationship works equally well in person and virtually.

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Catmar Healing Mission Statement       

Nourishing a higher quality of life with OPTIMUM HEALTH and well-being free of aches and pains, health challenges, and weight problems. I’ll help you and your pet feel better!

IMPORTANT NOTICE from the owner of Catmar Healing: I am not a medical doctor. I do not dispense medical advice, diagnose, or prescribe. I offer information that you can consider, based on historical uses of herbs. The herbs, I suggest have a long tradition of healing. 
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