Holistic Care for YOU and your PET’S Optimum Health

Do you treat people?

Yes, and I have been trained for humans but have successfully applied my knowledge doing groundbreaking work with animals. I base my recommendations on what your body is telling you through pain, illness, cravings, disease, stress levels, and your lifestyle. These symptoms are how your body speaks to you. I take this information as your Naturopathic Doctor and determine your body’s deficiencies and a course of action. This kind of relationship works equally well in person and with virtual services.

Why don’t I need to see your pet?

I base my findings on their pattern of behavior and symptoms you have been noticing (which I probably would not see in a half hour appointment). From our discussion, I will gather detail information about their history, their breed, their diet and the possible reasons why they may be experiencing something troubling. I will then recommend a course of action. If you have video or photos of their behavior, please share.

$75. for a half-hour consultation. Again, I can to discuss and treat your pet over the telephone. After our meeting and a few herbs, your pet will feel better and be better nourished! 

What’s a naturopathic doctor or N.D.? 

Naturopaths are well trained, and we do NOT practice medicine. We focus on building health and not treating disease. I help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. I recognize and promote the self-healing power innate in each of us and also in animals. I identify and remove causes of illness, rather than eliminate or suppress symptoms. I educate, encourage self-responsibility and hopefully inspire you to make a few adjustments, so you feel marvelous each day. As an N.D. I blend centuries-old knowledge with a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer. Naturopathy is the oldest – drugless school of healing in existence.

Do you treat dogs?

Yes, I work with dogs, and I have also successfully treated chickens and rabbits. 

Why the name?

What’s in a NAME? The name CATMAR is a play on my last name DITTMAR. Simply, I thought it sounded better than DOGMAR! And PETMARI felt was just too close to Petsmart. 

Why Holistic Care? 

Vitamins and Herbs enable the body to heal itself. 

You cannot selectively heal if you heal one symptom others will improve as well. 

If you genuinely heal everything heals. 

An animal’s body (and your own) is it’s own best apothecary, and the most successful prescriptions are filled by the body itself. 

Medicating the symptom of any illness without exploring its root cause is just a classically absurd Western way to think that anyone or any animal could ever get better.

N.D.s do not cure. The body cures itself. I am a facilitator. I try to identify the causes of problems, eliminate toxins, recommend herbs to deal with deficiencies and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Wellness (Holistically) makes a lot of sense just not a lot of dollars.

Do you shelter animals?

Catmar Healing is not a shelter for cats or dogs. I do holistic care for pets. As an N.D. I’m a complimentary addition or instead of a conventional veterinarian. But I do get requests to help find homes for animals, and I also get people looking for a new pet. I don’t mind helping in either direction. 

Do you vaccinate?

As a naturopath, my opinion at this moment is, I do not recommend vaccinations for animals.