Holistic Care for YOU and your PET’S Optimum Health

Holistic Care for your PET’S Optimum Health

     Every animal is unique. I look at each pet, their diet, their history, and the possible reasons why they may be experiencing something troubling. I offer one-on-one care for cats and dogs, as opposed to a vet, who sees dozens a week and very likely diagnoses based on a standard range of maladies, as opposed to working with the individual animal. Animals respond amazingly well to holistic care.

     I’ve seen extremely ill kittens make a noticeable recovery in about one week. Herbs treat the root of the problem and NOT the symptom. It’s not a simple pill for a quick fix. Herbs help eliminate the ailment as opposed to suppressing or hiding it. An herbal regimen goes beyond masking the symptom and helps get rid of the cause of the discomfort. Herbs are not, what I have coined the Advil effect. You must allow time for them to work. Healing occurs from the inside out. 

     Herbs in humans generally take 90 days before effects are felt, although it can happen much more quickly. In domestic critters, I have seen results in less than two weeks. Just as the problem did not appear overnight, it won’t vanish in a day. Often in western medicine, there is a reliance on drug companies, and just as there is a knee-jerk diagnosis in humans, the same tendencies afflict the pet care industry. Be patient and diligent in your efforts and excellent health in your animal will follow. 

    I’ve helped many cats and dogs. I seem to be a magnet for strays. I have nursed very sick and starving kittens to robust playful felines with the use of herbs. This natural alternative to conventional ‘medicine,’ has given their little bodies the tools to heal themselves where harsh medication could have introduced deadly chemical toxicity to their vital organs. I have cared for and treated many cats that have been in fights with other cats as well as with wild varmints. I have worked with many purebred dogs with health challenges that often come along with their specialized breeds. I have also successfully treated chickens and rabbits. 

     Medical attention is often needed in life-threatening emergencies. I passionately believe that many animal lovers would be surprised by what a few herbs can do to the well-being of their pet. Herbs are PURE FOOD, as many of us in the Holistic world, like to say!

No one knows your pet as well as you do! I don’t diagnose or prescribe, and I do NOT need to see your animal to determine which herbs and vitamins are best for them. I base my findings on their pattern of behavior and symptoms you have been noticing (which I probably would not see in a half hour appointment). I will recommend a course of action. If you have video or photos of their behavior, please share. Only $75. for a consultation. 

Is your dog getting married? Is your cat having a birthday? Are you throwing a party for your 4-legged family member? HIRE ME, and I will set up in a corner and give quick 10-minute consultations for your guests. Pets respond remarkably well to herbs. They have a genuine gift of listening to their bodies and searching out supplements that are health-enhancing.

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Catmar Healing Mission Statement

Nourishing a higher quality of life with OPTIMUM HEALTH and well-being free of aches and pains, health challenges, and weight problems. I’ll help you and your pet feel better!

IMPORTANT NOTICE from the owner of Catmar Healing: I am not a medical doctor. I do not dispense medical advice, diagnose, or prescribe. I offer information that you can consider, based on historical uses of herbs. The herbs, I suggest have a long tradition of healing. 
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