Everything I tell you is simple, but none of it is easy. Here are seven steps for you to begin your journey to optimum health.

Step 1. – Eat Well! This, of course, is a no-brainer but it is so much easier said than done. The closer you stick to real food the healthier you will be. What is real food? If you know where it’s grown, I consider this real food. If it comes in a box with a list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce or even spell I don’t accept this as real food. If you are a meat eater, meat should always be treated as a luxury item and not to be consumed at every meal or even on a daily basis. Eliminate as much as possible processed meats and cheeses. Our diets are chronically lacking in raw foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, along with beans, legumes, whole grains. A pleasant side effect of eating ‘real’ food, you don’t have to count calories or points or read labels. There are no labels and the best part this food is dense with nutrients, and it makes you full.

Step 2. — Proper Digestion. With all our processed and packaged foods and the terrible snacks that tempt us everywhere we go, we are overwhelming our digestive system. Plus many things are void of any nutritional value, and our bodies have not evolved to the state to recognize these artificially produced ingredients. Adding a digestive enzyme is an excellent start to improving your body’s digestion system.

Step 3. – Regular Elimination. You must eliminate at least once a day. Your digestive enzyme not only helps you digest your foods it also assists with absorbing more nutrients from your meals and then ultimately helps in elimination. And I’ll throw in for kicks – if you take two enzymes before bed, it helps clean your blood while you sleep. A clean system lends itself to a healthy body.

Step 4. — Keep Hydrated. Americans are chronically dehydrated. Not only do most of us not drink enough water, but we’re sipping on too many artificial beverages and other dehydrating beverages. Chances are also excellent you are not hungry you are just thirsty. Your body’s signals get crossed and are often misread as hunger instead of thirst. So before you grab snack have a pure glass of water. Drink water just as Mother Nature has intended — clean, pure, and simple. If you don’t like water –You are an adult start loving it!

Step 5. – Exercise. Sorry, you will never achieve optimum health without exercise. You must raise your heart rate to reap the benefits of a workout. Find an activity that you can smile while doing! And then do it!

Step 6. – Sleep. You got to sleep. Many experts including myself say the optimum is eight hours a night. Make that your goal. And this is without any chemical help. Check out my blog on – I did a whole series just on sleep.

Step 7. – Relax. Keep your emotions and stresses in check. Add meditation to your daily routine and exercise. Both will help your body cope with stresses of life.

Sadly, poor health distorts your personality more than you realize. Good health brings out the essence of who you indeed are. Keep it simple and just do it!


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