As a single woman and a naturopathic doctor, generally at the top of my list of a non-negotiable, when it comes to dating, is a man who is healthy enough to travel and enjoy the adventures of life. According to research from the U.S. Federal Reserve, I should add, not only should he be physically able to be active but also budgets well enough to do such. The study found, the closer your credit score is to your mate, the better the odds you are going to remain together.

If you are having cold feet before saying “I do,” — knowing their credit score, is an excellent sign of your compatibility. If you are both great with money or even lousy with finances, the more similar the numbers the more likely you will stay together. Not surprising, the further apart the scores the more likely you will part ways. The closer you are with a mate with the same spending habits as you, the higher the odds you will be together until death do us part. Credit marks, oddly, are also a great reflection on how trustworthy your romantic partner (and you) may be and how well they handle responsibility. The study also showed the higher your numbers, the more likely you are to commit to a relationship. And you are more inclined to stay with a partner through sickness and in health.

If your heart is aching looking for love, stop swiping right and just focus on improving your credit score. The study revealed that a single person whose credit score was one standard deviation higher than average was 14% more likely to form a relationship in the next year than other comparable singles. Then be sure find a companion who spends and saves as you. Someone already in a relationship whose credit score was one standard deviation higher than average was 32% less likely to separate. The researchers sample included around 50,000 random couples, with identified romantic partners and then tracked their unions and breakups over a 15-year period.

(Research from the U.S. Federal Reserve)

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