You may be thinking; I’m probably not getting enough fiber in my diet. The odds are excellent that statement is correct. The average American consumes only about half the grams of fiber they need. Most people have a menu that contains a lot of meat and dairy, and those foods don’t provide the substance. Plus, there is always the temptation and ease of eating too many refined and processed goodies. Ideally, we should have a plate full of fiber-rich produce. Fruits and raw vegetables are Mother Nature’s original fast food!

This is the literal breakdown of fiber. Pun intended. There are two types, soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can’t be broken down by our digestive system, but the good bacteria in our colon can do the work. Soluble fiber acts as chum for the friendly flora found in the digestive tract. Insoluble fiber consists of those parts of the plant-based foods your body doesn’t break down at all. It passes through your digestive tract unchanged and serves primarily to bulk the stool and preventing the absorption of toxins.

The list is incredibly long why we should have more fiber in our diets. Naturally, it helps keep us regular because it absorbs water, lubricates the stool, and helps food pass through the digestive tract quickly. This prevents toxic materials from remaining in the colon and eventually being incorporated into the body. Numerous studies have shown that a fiber-rich diet helps starve off such ailments as appendicitis, colon cancer, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and hemorrhoids. A backed up colon can also contribute to having bad breath, body odor, headaches, depression, and even asthma. A high fiber meal plan can help reduce the risk of cancer as it binds with toxins, so they aren’t absorbed. It is a great natural way to lower cholesterol, gallstones and other gallbladder conditions. Fiber binds the cholesterol-rich bile from the liver and gallbladder and keeps the cholesterol from being reabsorbed, which helps to lower both LDL and total cholesterol levels. Eating more fiber is a smart step toward controlling hypoglycemia and diabetes. Here is what I think is the very best part of a high-fiber diet it gives you a feeling of fullness. If you’re full, you’re likely to eat less giving you the upper hand in controlling your weight.

Here’s the bad news of not devouring enough fiber. On the top, for most people, is constipation. By the way, in the naturopathic world, you are considered constipated if you don’t move your bowels at least once a day. Even if you think it’s ‘normal’ for you not to do so, you are constipated. The fewer the bowel movements generally equates to more health problems. When your food slowly creeps through your digestive tract, the intestinal membranes become irritated, and toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, causing stress on the liver and adding inflammation throughout your body. Besides a poor diet, constipation can be caused by not getting enough exercise and not drinking enough water.

The solution may sound simple, but it is never easy.

It begins with changing your lifestyle to a fiber-rich diet. That means incorporating into your meal plan a lot of whole grains and bran, nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

It would be difficult for you to drink too much clean, pure H2O, so sip all day long. A remarkable part with aqua is it’s essential for any anti-aging and beauty regimen.

Add garlic-rich meals to your routine. Garlic is an excellent nutrient to assist in destroying harmful bacteria in your colon.

I will always recommend Vitamin C for its cleansing and healing powers.

Get moving! Physical exercise is wonderful as prevention for many things including constipation.

However, here is an essential part and probably the most difficult, no fried foods, dairy products, meat, white flour, highly processed foods, salt, coffee, alcohol, or sugar. These foods are not only void of many nutrients, but they are also difficult to digest and have little or no fiber.

Try tackling one item at a time, remember this is a lifestyle change and not a 30-day cleanse. You can do it! Fiber will help you become the best version of yourself!!

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