The road to wellness is often bumpy but here are fun and entertaining tips that will help smooth the ride to creating a lifestyle of healthy habits.

One of the biggest weight management tips that work for me is not to have any tempting food in my home. Sweets are my weakness, and no matter how far the goodies are stashed in the cupboard I know they are there and will most likely eat them until they are gone. The best prevention is not to bring them around. This also ties in with willpower. Folks with the most dependable willpower are best at deliberately skipping situations when their resistance might slip. So why tempt yourself? It is easy to avoid sweets when you have to go out and get them.

Out of sight works well with your biggest cravings but having healthy selections in view works wonders with eating better. People who put produce on their kitchen counter weighed 13 pounds less, on average than those who did not have any visible fruit. And one of the kindest things you can do for your body is ditching the soda. In fact, those with the beverage on the counter weighed 24 to 26 pounds more than those who did not.

Eat slower! Chew your food! Enjoy it! By doing such, your hard-working digestion system will be incredibly grateful. One way to slow down and find a utensil that is difficult for you to use. I used to eat much slower when I used chopsticks. Then I became very proficient, and I gobble my food as quickly with the sticks as I did with a fork. Now I must depend on consciously eating and enjoying every morsel.

Mindless eating has become significant in our connected world; you got to set aside your gadget. If you’re watching TV or scrolling your social media feed or playing an electronic game, you are likely to consume as much as 25 percent more food than if they were not distracted.

Guess what size does matter! People ate about 45 percent more food when they used a 10-inch plate versus an 8-inch plate. When food is piled on a smaller plate, it looks like a full serving. On a larger plate, it seems like an appetizer, so you’re likely to add more to fill up space. You will also eat less if your food doesn’t blend with the color of your plate. If you’re serving white rice on a white plate, you’ll eat about 30 percent more than if the dish is blue. Additionally, regardless of how much you eat your body begins to fill full at about 15 minutes.

Getting the edge on staying healthy and fit takes effort. But healthy lifestyle changes will pay off huge with excellent health.

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